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Learning Visuals or Maps

An innovative, interactive learning and

visual communication technique

Corporate communications are not delivering the outcomes and behavioural changes needed in today’s fast paced, complex world

We have developed a new and exciting approach to address the short comings of our traditional communications approach. We can help your business initiate, implement and sustain meaningful change. By interpreting complex business issues creatively, we deliver innovative learning solutions to accelerate alignment, understanding, and launch of strategic concepts.

Learning Visuals (also referred to as learning maps) is a learning and communication technique based on stimulating the whole brain by using rich visuals, interactive group learning and structured dialogue. Our techniques facilitate and accelerate learning and communication throughout your organization

The visuals and interactive exercises cover the What, Why and How of the impact and the ramifications on what your people do every day and the contribution they make towards the goal.

How it works

Learning visuals is grounded in the belief that visual communication, involving direct interaction by your people is the way forward in harnessing human assets to achieve success in the demanding environments that face us today.

A structured learning activity where participants interact with visual tools and each other connecting the “pictures” and data contained in the program to their own experiences.

The methodology is based on stimulating the whole brain by rich visuals, interactive group learning and structured dialogue. It acknowledges the highly visual and interactive world in which we live, in and out of our work environment.

This process takes a fresh approach to learning and communicating. It uses metaphors, colour and humour to generate focus, allowing a wide range of ideas to surface.

It is based on the understanding that we learn a lot more effectively when we are :

  • having fun;
  • involved; and
  • discovering answers for ourselves.

 There is a structured process of discussion and exploration through facilitated workshops of up to 12 people explore the visual scene. Typically two to three hour sessions that use a map and a variety of question, activity and discussion cards to generate understanding and enthusiasm about organizational changes.

Concepts and ideas suddenly become more real as players work through the highly interactive visuals, engage in small team activities and answer questions that draw them to the "right" answers. And encapsulates three critical components of effective communications:

The Understanding : Building awareness and understanding of where you were - where you’re going and the plan on how to get there.

The Commitment : Moving through a process specifically designed to help your people decide whether or not to follow the leaders.

The Navigation : Structuring and delivering information and knowledge so that your people have the ability to navigate through implication of changes for themselves.