Susan Shing

Susan has some 20 years business experience and has seen business from not just a major corporate perspective but also from a start up position in technology, from an external consulting point of view across operations, finance, business development, people care and major project perspectives.

Susan’s focus is on organizational change management, people processes, such as performance management, and leadership development

Susan brings a wealth of experience to client engagements, including 4 years as a management consultant specializing in performance measurement and improvement, operational design, customer strategies, strategic information and communications and change management. Managing operational and project teams herself within major corporates has giver her unique, hands-on experience inside organizations.

With a no-nonsense approach, Susan works in a collaborative way to facilitates team building, problem solving, strategic planning and collective success.

Before establishing Change Shing, Susan worked with numerous companies and organizations, including Westpac, KPMG Consulting, Andersen Business Consulting, EDS, Pacific Partners Group, and Contiki Travel.

She also worked with a broad range of companies during her consulting engagements such as Macquarie Bank, Qantel, NRMA, Citibank and Bank of Queensland.